Since the beginning of operations, SHUNCHI have developed multiple technical capabilities for high precision machining and special processes that have allowed us to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers.

RD don’t only do RD works, we are also good at other things as well. We have ability to design a CNC machine with accordingly production process, we can make our production line upgrade with our natural talent.

Having partnership with us, you can have our services:

> Engineering Capability

Material/Process used: Alloy Steel, Hot/Cold Press Forging, Die Casting, Metal Lost Wax

> Professional and years-experienced team

Our experienced engineering team collaborates closely with you through our industry knowledge and engagement.

> Value Analysis and Value Engineering

We will generate ideas and a lot of points which might produce potential great solutions from across the organization. A cross functional team will maximize advantages to meet the need for activity improvement.

> Valued-added services

In addition of provide machining plan for customer’s specification, we can offer you the better machining and process improvement to ensure that you have best quality products.

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